A Story – Part 4


~ Originally posted on Oct 19, 2011.

I went to the library the next day around 5:00 P.M. only after sewing in the excuse I had a day before. Since I asked for permission this time rather than passing the information to the Manager, he was firm enough to ask the reason. I was left with no other choice than to use the previous day’s excuse. No use. Neha didn’t turn up that day as well.

Nevertheless, my mind was not ready to give up on her. I badly wanted to see her. A couple of days ago, I badly wanted to talk to her, solve problems with her. But things had changed in me. That day, I just was hoping to see her, to the least. Howsoever the things had changed in me, things didn’t change around me. She didn’t turn up the next day as well. Okay, no use of escaping from the office with lame excuses anymore, I warned myself. I just didn’t want to spoil my hard earned reputation at office for the sake of catching an unavailable *whatever*.

As I was struggling for my sleep that night, I just played the words – “You don’t know anything about her, except her name and her preparation for CAT, not even her place of stay, not even her place of work, nothing at all. Better forget her, forget everything and stop being a fool.” – repeatedly in my mind. The more I reminded myself that I didn’t know her place and work, the more I blamed myself for not looking into those details in the registration form the other day. I knew it wasn’t a big deal for me to get to know those details of her from the register. I just didn’t want to do it that way; instead, I wanted to know everything about her from her. Moreover, a bit of me assured that I would meet her sooner, for sure. Amidst the thoughts, I didn’t know when I dozed off.

For the next two days, I was able to restrict myself from going to the library. But destiny had different thoughts. The second day, around 9:00 P.M. as I was returning home from my office, I happened to meet the librarian at a departmental store in our colony. I have been in the colony for almost a year, but not even once did I run into her at any place in the colony other than the library. Destiny, it was. A big news was waiting for me in her.

“Hi,” I greeted her, hiding my excitement.

“Hey, why didn’t you come to the library for the past two days?” She asked.

“I was busy with my work,” I replied bluntly.

“Actually, I wanted to call you later tonight,” she said.

“Why, is anything important?”

“Not really, I guess. You were wanted to come to the library tomorrow,” she started.

“Wanted?” I interrupted her before she could say more.

“Yeah, you are. It’s this girl, Neha, who actually wants you. I mean, uh, wants you to come.”

“Uh-huh, but why?” I asked hiding the excitement in my tone.

“No idea. She came to the library yesterday and was enquiring about you. I guess, she did wait for you, but you didn’t turn up,” she elaborated, “And she even came today, and was looking for you. When she was about to leave, she asked me whether you will come tomorrow.”

“Oh,” I tried to fuel her to make her words slide freely.

“I told her that since it’s a Saturday, you’d mostly come.”

“But I come on all Saturdays, right?” I said that I shouldn’t have. My words made her to look at me with disapproval. “Okay, not all, but on most Saturdays,” I tried to make up.

“That’s why I used the word ‘mostly’.”

I nodded, sheepishly. Meanwhile she continued, “Whatever, I gave her your mobile number before she left.”

I wanted to hug her for her credible help. But I just said, “Thanks.”

“So, will you show up tomorrow or like, you’re working?” That’s the sarcastic her.

I was too blank to answer her. I just smiled. I bid bye to her, and left without doing what I went to the store for – to purchase stuffs for dinner.

I didn’t sleep that night. I just lay in the bed with my eyes closed. I opened my eyes every half an hour to check my mobile for a call or a message from her, only to get disappointed. I woke up early (I shouldn’t say I woke up as what I did all night can’t be termed as ‘sleep’) and got ready to go the library.

“Where are you going?” my friend asked on seeing me in a rather unusual getup, given the time was 7:30 A.M. on a Saturday morning.

“To the temple,” I lied.

“Oh, fine then. I too wanted to go the temple. It’s something special today it seems. My mom wanted me to go,” he said and went to the bathroom without even waiting for my reply.

Why does every mom be specific about this? If the day is something special, we must pay a visit to a temple. But luckily my mom didn’t ask me to go the temple that day. Neither was I with that idea. It’s just at that instant when my friend questioned me, I had to lie to him. What’s better than a lie with ‘the temple’ in it?

So that was it. I was made to spend my early hours of the big day in the temple with my friend. And unfortunately, there wasn’t a call or a message from her yet. I was disappointed and a tad worried.

… to be continued (part 5)


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