Daddy Love


~ Originally posted on Oct 4, 2016.

He was desperately in need of a kiss.

He called out her. She ran down to him almost instantly with a charming smile and gave him a tight hug.

She knew what he wanted. After few seconds, she pecked him on the cheek. And then one more on the other side too.

He felt elated. She was the best thing ever happened in his life, he thought.

“Love you, dad,” she said and hugged him tight again.

“Love you too, dear,” he said and kissed on her forehead.

It was time for their usual morning walk. “Shall we start?” he asked. She nodded. For her, it was the most amazing time of the day, and the one she always looked forward to as soon as she woke up every day.

And a leisurely, pleasant stroll began.


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