Fictional Diary Pages – 2


~ Originally posted on May 10, 2012.

I wish I walk her home every day.

I wish I don’t get jealous when I see her with someone. Yeah, by someone, I mean only a guy.

I wish I take her to my favorite restaurant once a month, preferably on a Saturday night and to hers anytime, any number of times.

I wish she talks her problems to me.

I wish I will be able to comfort her with my words, if not with my presence.

I wish I’m smart enough to lie to her aesthetically.

I wish for her to be smarter than me to read my lie yet act artistically as if she buys in everything I tell her.

I wish I kiss her good night, every night.

I wish to see her first when I wake up and wish to see her last before I get to sleep.

I wish I make her a tasty coffee, and with it, I get her out of her bed/laziness on any hebetudinous holiday morning.

I wish she never makes me wait, especially when she is busy shopping.

I wish to spend every Sunday morning with her in the beach.

I wish she talks a lot of nonsense, and wish all that seem to make sense to me.

I wish I have as much patience as to listen to whatever she has to say.

I wish for her to beat me in everything we compete, and not beat me with everything. 🙂

I wish to take her to all her favorite places without her insistence.

I wish for her mind to perch on mine, always, to guide me in my life path.

I wish I never deviate from my goal of making her dreams come alive.

I wish I give her my heart and my everything and get hers in return.

I wish I meet her pretty soon.

I wish I should have taken some more time for penning additional wishes.

And I wish all my above-listed wishes to happen in real.

And I wish I don’t ramble any such fable things ever again in my diary!


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