Thirty For You

  1. People change.
  2. Timing is everything.
  3. Money is not everything, but at times, it is. Figure out which is when.
  4. Life is short. Enjoy it while you can. Try to even when you cannot.
  5. Earn respect; never demand.
  6. Read more. Make others do the same.
  7. Early morning walk is heaven.
  8. Don’t wait for anything. That’s the stupidest thing to do.
  9. Family is precious. Never overlook them.
  10. Health is important. Keep your body active and flexible. You will thank yourself for it later.
  11. People get sick. It’s normal. No matter how bad you do, focus on the recovery. It is in your hands.
  12. Friends are everywhere. Find them. Or let them find you.
  13. Real friends are rare. Hold on to them.
  14. Never be busy for your friends; even better, for anyone.
  15. Help everyone, including the ones whom you don’t like or who don’t like you.
  16. Never let go of anyone you care about.
  17. Religion is an absolute nothing. Don’t let it or anyone in the name of it influence you.
  18. Nothing beats the feeling of winning, but always remember that winning is temporary.
  19. You age. Make peace with it.
  20. People say it’s hard to find a good soul. That’s not true. Plenty are around us.
  21. It is easy to earn haters. Learn the trick to lose them soon.
  22. You are no less than anyone; you are no more than anyone.
  23. ā€˜Iā€™ is the single strongest word. It’s also the weakest when used against someone.
  24. Never do something you would regret later. Don’t hang on to it, in case you did.
  25. There is no shame in apologizing when you are wrong.
  26. Never look down on anyone. You will be surprised to know what they are capable of.
  27. Time flies. It is obvious, but you seldom care until it matters.
  28. Bad times won’t last long, you think. But sometimes, they do. Whatever happens, life goes on.
  29. Get into sports. Any sports. Just do it.
  30. True love exists. Or doesn’t. You will never know.

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