And It Happened

Fictional Conversations

He took off, not able to deal with himself anymore.

It’s been two weeks since he received the mail from her.

“Really? It was unforeseen,” his friend, who had to end ties with his girl because of him, said shockingly on hearing the news of him receiving the wedding invitation from her.

“For all unreturned calls, all unread emails, all undelivered WhatsApp messages, I kind of expected it,” he said sublimely. “I know her well, after all.”

He knew it was about time. He knew it was going to be hard to take. Nevertheless, he was prepared. He thought he did.

But when it struck him, in real, he realized he wasn’t. He couldn’t be normal, no matter how hard he tried.

He decided to end the pain, once and for all.

He started the car. Long drive with his favorite composer’s music in the background has always been his cure-all medicine. He hit the highway in minutes. He pictured what was to happen. He thought he was prepared. This time, he really did.

His mind processed many thoughts than it ever did. A tree? No. A random car? No. A truck. Maybe. As he was about to pick one, his phone rang. It was her.

“Hey, listen. I cannot do it. Please come and get me. I am…”


A truck, it was.

His head spun as he heard her words. His eyes closed involuntarily. He took off, for good.